Growing Places After School

● A creative and social alternative to the isolation fostered by long-term exposure to computer games and television;
● An opportunity for multi-age friendships in a small group setting;
● On-going positive relation-ships with caring adults;
● An opportunity for community involvement;
● A safe after school place for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.


Hooked on Art

K-2nd Grade
Mondays 3-5 pm

Paper Craft, Painting, Collage, Clay, Sculpture and more!

Non-refundable Registration fee: $25

$25 for September
$ 50/month there-after due at beginning of the month.

                                                                          Snack and play time provided

                                            Clowning Around

2nd – 5th Grade???????????????????????????????????????

Wednesdays 3-5 pm

Balloon Animals, Costume, Face Painting, Circus Food, Magic Tricks, and more!

Non-refundable Registration fee: $25

$25 for September
$ 50/month there-after due at beginning of the month.

                                                                    Snack and play time provided     

After School Fall 2015 Registration



Resource for Home Schoolers

Parents choose to home school for many reasons. Imparting a particular set of values, allowing their children to learn at their own pace, and providing enrichment activities not available in the public school setting are among them.

But some parents have concerns about home schooling as well. They want their children to spend time with other kids, especially if they have no siblings. They may not feel confident to teach all subject areas, or they can’t imagine spending all day every day with their kids.

A cooperative offers the benefits of home schooling while addressing the concerns some parents may have. A place where their children are encouraged and directed in many different areas through a variety of instructors and media is a great addition to the children’s home schooling experience.

By establishing our home schooling group at Growing Places Creative Learning Center, we become part of the Growing Places community. The Growing Places mission and expectations are like the roots of a tree providing nourishment to all of the branches or programs.

homeschool playThe blossoms on the tree, of course, are our children, families and community.

September approaches quickly, and at this point we seek the commitment of those families wishing to be involved so that we may formulate a tentative plan for the year. Please take a moment to contact us to let us know what your intentions are so that we may proceed accordingly!

As we begin:

Mixed age classes will emphasize science, social studies, language, and the arts within the context of the thematic projects and service activities.

Projects and service based around themes parents and children select.

Parents and community members will take turns teaching, facilitating, and leading activities.

A home schooling resource center is available for parents and families.

Parents can share ideas, stories, joys, sorrows, and concerns.

Flexibility to meet the needs of the families involved.

Social interaction with other children and adults

Shared educational resources: books, materials and equipment

Shared ideas and expertise, discovery and experience

Group rates on field trips


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