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Kids Talk About Growing Places
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Growing Places is a place for children to become extra special. They learn to love, respect, appreciate and care. They learn about the importance of being kind and respectful. They learn about peace and just how important it is to be peacful. Growing Places is more than a “nursery school” it’s a place where our children can learn to become better human beings. While their art work is definitely impressive, the change we see in our “babies” outlook on life is immeasurable. From a very shy little toddler who has blossomed into my bright and beautifully selfless little girl…..”Growing Places is cool art work, friends, caring and peace.” She’s super excited that her little sister will be following in her footsteps and attending Growing Places. Today she asked if she would be able to leave school early in order to make it to all of the fun filled field trips this year. We LOVE Growing Places! -Kimberly Kiehle-Hayes, Parent

Growing Places is a wonderful place with loving and caring teachers. Our daughter talks about school all the time and if she could she’d take Ms. Ruth with her to Pre k! ❤ It wasn’t only a fun place for Mady but for Kayden and us as well. We loved being involved and able to attend special events and field trips as a family! We will forever recommend Growing Places and hold it special in our hearts! – Kellee Bradley, Parent

Today I’m thankful for Ruth Dutting Witte and the importance of traditions. While at Thanksgiving feast at Growing Places today listening to her retell what Jack’s 3 year old nursery school class was thankful for, I got a little choked up. Reminscing a little back on Emily and Kyle’s time there. She’s so much more than a nursery school teacher, she’s a cherished member of my children’s lives and I’m thankful every day for the life lessons that she has imparted on all of us and the gift that she has given to our community. We love you Miss Ruth! -Chrissy Porter, Parent

I’ve been meaning to drop you a note. We went by Growing Places (as we do every time Ellie is in the car and we are heading home from Tops). She told Carson , “that’s where you will go to school in the Fall Carson”. She paused and added, “Chubba its a JOYOUS place”. She had the biggest smile and the look on her face of pure love and happiness. Thank you for that time when you instilled the love of art, dance and music in her life. We can’t wait till Fall and for Carson to experience your JOYFUL place too. He will be 3 in July. Hopefully the adoption will be final by then!! Have a great day!!!! – Diane Mountzouros, , Parent

We are so lucky to have Growing Places, both for our children as individuals and our family as a whole – we all reap the benefits! We will miss having the excuse to be there so much as the children age out but plan to take every opportunity to come back. It’s just THAT wonderful of a place! -Serena Kniffen Struble, Parent

I told my son, Ben, that it was time to go to growing places last week and he jumped with his hands overhead and shouted “we hoo!” Growing Places has been a great way for my family and I to meet other families in the Dansville area and become involved in the community. Thank you Ms. Ruth! -Laura Cahill Sleggs, Parent

Both of my sons have had wonderful experiences at Growing Places. Our family loves the community events that are held there and we would, and do highly recommend Growing Places to others!!! – Janna Lacagnina Everett, Parent

For anyone with small children, I would recommend Growing Places times 10!..Great for the children, but also so much for the Mom’s. Even mom’s like me, with grown children out of the house…Ruth Witte offers so much for all!..Please check this out! – Judy Kinney, Community Member

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Ruth is a creative and nurturing teacher of young children who understands early learning developmental stages. Her goals and objectives at Growing Places, Inc. are progressive and educationally sound from my viewpoint of thirty-four years in the public school classroom. Her oral and written communication skills are excellent.She shares her philosophy with parents and other interested people via a Growing Places newsletter and a local newspaper column. Kay Thomas, Freelance Writer and Social Commentary Columnist

Ruth possesses the kind of quiet compassion that is lacking in many. She sees people with eyes that have become focused on hope and possibility. It is rare to find these qualities in such abundnace; and all of this is filled with a genuine sense of inner strength born from a lifetime of love within and love expressed through continuing acts of kindness to others.- Rev. Dr. John Clarke, Retired Pastor at First Congregational Church

Ruth is a loving educator, a committed community volunteer, and a dreamer. She has dedicated much of her life to providing a place of personal, artistic, and educational enrichment for children and adults in the Dansville, NY community. My children blossomed in her nursery school program and I have thoroughly enjoyed family events and working on the Growing Places Advisory Board over the years. Suzanne Blackburn, Chemistry Teacher; Growing Places Advisory Board Member

Ruth is a wonderfully creative person! Through her innovative programs, she can draw out our inner wisdom and potential, help us to overcome our fear of creating and have fun in a safe environment. Jayne Acomb, psychotherapist at Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice

Creative, loving, thoughtful, and exceptionally bright are words to describe Ruth Witte. Her work with children goes beyond teaching and supervising. She is resourceful and knowledgeable in working with all ages including assisting adult women in focusing on the direction for their lives. Her caring attitude would be an asset in any organization. Ruth can do whatever she puts her mind to. -Patti Maddams

Ruth Witte is the most gifted teacher I have ever met. Her creativity and knowledge of the world bring excitement and motivation to her young students. Her students love her and remember her years after leaving Growing Places. – Sally MacGuire, Owner, McGuire Landscape Services

Ruth is all about growing the whole child — playing, learning, working — and she puts her all into what she does.- Jeff Miller, News Reporter

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Other preschools turn out cupcakes. You turn out three layer cakes. Elinor Belliotti, Retired Primary School Teacher.

Ruth, we love you for all the hope and praise you give those children and how you guide them to be such wonderful souls. You touch so many little hearts with what you do. God Bless you… -Paul Maddams , Friend

What you’re doing for the kids in Dominica is really amazing. It’s an interesting sort of greed that the more you give the more you want to give, and you’ll never be satisfied with how much you’re able to contribute to the healing of the world, but still, your accomplishments to date are are both impressive and inspirational to me. -Phil Witte , Son (2-10-07)