Women’s Retreat

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Tree Top Haven, located in the apartment over Growing Places, is the proverbial “cabin in the woods” that we long to get away to when life becomes too hectic. It offers a sense of community among women, and opportunities for personal discovery and growth in a nurturing environment.

Creativity- kre•a•tiv’•i•te n. 1. The state or quality of being creative; 2. Characterized by originality, imagination and expressiveness; 3. The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; 4.  Attributed variously to divine intervention, cognitive processes, the social environment, and personality traits; associated with genius, mental illness and humour. 5. A trait we are born with but may have been squelched as a child. 6. Seems to lie tantalizingly beyond the grasp of most people. 7. Requires time set aside to allow for percolation of creative impulses.


Fall 2015

Time for Me (Fridays, 9am-3pm; Fee-$3):

Please come to fan the flame of inspiration lost to the day to day drudge… Get lost in a novel. Spread out with project. Plan your garden. Peruse cookbooks Or just sit in the quiet and let your mind wander where it needs to roam. Discover your latent artist. Fan the flame of your inner soul, your creativity, the self lost to the craziness of day to day.

Sunday Afternoon Adventures in Art

For those ladies, who during the week, hit the floor running until they collapse. This no stress time warp will allow you to reconnect with the artist of your pre-ten-year-old self, before those creative inhibitions set in. This is your time to get away from it all and do something for yourself.

Preschool Art for Grown-up Girls (September 13, 3-5pm. Fee: $10):

Drawing and paint extravaganza involving scribbles, doodads, and abstract art. Perfect for the inhibited and wannabe artist! So.Much.Fun.

Inner World Collage (October 18, 3-5pm Fee: $10):

Create a vision for the life you dream of, in the form of a collage. Explore who you would like to become in your deepest soul.

Hand-made Greeting Cards: (November 15, 3-5pm; Fee: $10):

Create two festive cards in time for the holidays. Instruction and supplies will be provided to complete one elegant, and one more casual Christmas greeting.

Felted Bird Ornament (December 13, 3-5pm; Fee: $25):

These little beauties make a perfect package or tree decoration that may well become a family heirloom! Supplies and instruction included.

Works in Progress (Mondays, 6-8pm; Fee: $3):

* Set aside some time for yourself
* De-clutter those closets of unfinished projects
* De-stress and rejuvenate through friendship and merriment

Bring whatever you are working on and join in friendship and hilarity.

Winning at Wellness (Tuesdays, 9/29 – 12/15, 7-8:30pm):

Are you ready to experience your best wellness? Want to try a new way to reach your goals for better health? Try our Winning at Wellness Group Coaching Experience. Small group format, facilitated by a certified wellness coach. . Call Pam Maxson, 764-3365 or email at RootsofWellnessCoaching@gmail.com for more information.

 Previous Tree Top Happenings

Working Through Your Emotions in Art

“Working Through Your Emotions in Art”

In life we encounter many “ups” and “downs” with our emotions. In this class I am dealing with the premise that through creative projects we can better cope with these feelings . Because people find certain mediums to be more comfortable to work with, I have chosen three different ones which I hope the artist will find appealing . Theses mediums are: 1) watercolor 2) oil pastel and 3) multi-media collage. Do not think that you have to be an expert in any of these mediums for you will be taught the basics of each, if you need instruction. The emotions that you express may be shown in realistic renderings or abstract ones. But the idea is not to get caught up in how realistic the work looks, but in the release of the emotion for which you are striving. Whether you explore positive or negative emotions, or both, the choice is up to you but I feel the journey there is yours alone. Come join me in the creative spirit.

This class will start on February 23rd,24th, 26th, March 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th,10th and will finish on March 12th. It will run from 6-8 pm each night. The cost will be $45.00 which includes basic supplies. Collage materials will be furnished by the individual. This class is offered through Growing Places on 14 Battle Street, Dansville, NY 14437 The Art Instructor is Jennifer Luce (with over 35 years of teaching) E-mail me at lucejen@gmail.com or phone and leave a message 585-335-8943.

Sunday afternoonSunday Afternoon Adventures

Sunday Afternoon Adventures are for those ladies who hit the floor running until they collapse at night during the week.  This is your time to get away from it all and do something for yourself.

The second Sunday of each month offers Adventures in Art , a fun time offering art play, perhaps structured, maybe not.  This no stress time warp will allow you to reconnect with the artist of  your pre-ten-year-old self, before the creative inhibitions set in.

A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness: Getting Where You Long to Be will offer a variety of topics that will help you reign in your life: eating well, sleep, relaxation, getting organized, and much more will help you get beyond the obstacles that keep you from living the life you wish you could have.

Caterpillar Dreams

Shed your negative self beliefs in order to create the healthy person you want to be, by integrating techniques for healing mind, body, and spirit. 

Our heritage and life experiences influence the way we think and feel about ourselves, in ways that may interfere with becoming the person we wish to be. It is within our power to shed the impact of even the most negative beliefs and experiences by integrating them in a new way.

  • Identify the negative experiences, hurtful words and self beliefs that prevent you from having the life you desire for yourself.
  • Acknowledge that while they have become a part of you, these negative beliefs no longer have to define you.
  • Purge yourself of the thoughts and experiences holding you back from being the best you can be.
  • Redefine yourself


Writers and Friends

All levels of experience are invited to join us in encouraging each other as we work on our own pieces of writing.

We write to communicate, make lists, leave messages, write thank-yous, correspond with family and friends, share recipes, arrange for events, leave reminders, fill out applications, pay bills, make labels, give directions, make complaints, take minutes… The list goes on and on.

Then there are those of us who write because we have to! We have something to say, to explain, to teach, to understand, to envision, to brainstorm, to remember. We need the page to seek answers, put things in perspective, come to terms,… We write to create a record, an illustration of the evolution of our families and ourselves. We want to leave something behind that is tangible.

Introduction to Journaling

Have you ever considered journaling and not known where to begin, or tried it and not discovered the true joy, satisfaction, and day to day benefit of writing on a daily basis?

  • Organize your life
  • Problem solve
  • Daydream
  • Create a plan
  • Write it down
  • Make it happen!

In this workshop you will be given numerous prompts for looking at where you are, how you got here and where you want to be in your life.


Garden Club

A Garden Club creates a community for gardeners to share expertise, plants, resources and companionship, as we nurture and maintain these havens for the purposes of gathering with friends, or taking a peaceful moment for oneself.


  • Exploration of area resources
  • Learn about earth friendly gardening techniques
  • Increase wildlife habitat areas
  • Experiment with garden and nature craft
  • Assist in nurturing the oasis that is the Growing Places Garden

The Growing Places garden is central to many of our activities. The garden offers women a place of solace after a day of mayhem with the children or a harried day at the office; and provides an out of the way place for the wildlife in the area. Many of our women’s gatherings are held in the garden, weather permitting. It is a garden lover’s opportunity to come play in the dirt while providing much needed community service!

Growing Places is run entirely by volunteers and we always need assistance in keeping up with the chores necessary to maintain its garden paradise. Please stop by, pull some weeds, trim some bushes or grass, enjoy some berries or herbs, peace and quiet… A list of most pressing chores will be posted in the side entryway of the building. People who participate in the upkeep of the garden will have first dibs on plant divisions, which given the enchanted nature of GP, happen rather frequently. Please be sure to let us know of your efforts or any sightings worthy of mention…

Note: The Women’s Retreat is available to create any number of possible groups or activities:
  • Grandparents Raising Grand Children
  • Single Moms
  • Empty Nesters: the children have flown the coop! What next??
  • Cooking Club: Share recipes, coupons, tricks of the trade, and cook up a storm.
  • Garden Club: garden lover’s opportunity to come play in the dirt while providing much needed community service! Planting, weeding, dead heading, trimming, refinish, repair, watering/fertilizing…
  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Sewing Circle: knitting, needlework, quilting…